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The Flux XII Vision:
Playing the Long Game

The electric grid is struggling to secure people's power with more severe climate disasters: Texas snowstorms, California wildfires, Northwest heat waves, East Coast hurricanes, and Midwest tornadoes. International councils, DOE, utilities, ISOs, and politicians have all expressed needs for breakthroughs in long-duration (8-100 hours) energy storage technologies to enable the clean energy transition and enhance power resilience. It's not always sunny and windy, but long-duration energy storage can facilitate reliable and economical renewable energy. Explore the benefits and potential uses for the adaptable Flux XII flow battery below!

Flux XII Vision: Playing the Long Game

In Front of the Meter

Behind the Meter

Flux XII EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Need a safe and small charging battery station for your fleet? Use Flux XII's energy dense, non-flammable, non-corrosive water-based solution.

Flux XII Residential/Housing Community Energy


Community Energy

Lower your electric bill and take control
of your energy security with a safe, sustainable, and affordable battery.

Flux XII Off-Grid Reliability

Off-Grid Reliability

Increase the resilience of your microgrid with an affordable long-duration battery with sustainable materials. 



Energy Management

Need to integrate more solar and wind to meet your energy targets but need to do so economically? Use a low-cost, long-duration battery to optimize your assets.

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