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The Flux XII Vision:
Playing the Long Game

The electric grid is a candle burning at both ends: energy systems are switching to clean power to mitigate climate change, while adapting to the energy security risks of more severe climate disasters. International councils, DOE, utilities, ISOs, and politicians have all expressed needs for breakthroughs in long-duration (8-100 hours) energy storage technologies to enable economical and reliable renewable energy. It's not always sunny and windy, but long-duration energy storage can keep your renewable power running at a greater value. Explore potential uses and benefits for the Flux XII flow battery below!

Flux XII Vision: Playing the Long Game

In Front of the Meter

Behind the Meter

Flux XII EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Hubs

Need a safe and dense charging battery station for your fleet? Use Flux XII's energy dense, non-flammable, non-corrosive water-based solution.

Flux XII Residential/Housing Community Energy


Community Energy

Lower housing project electric bill and take control of energy security with a safe, sustainable, and affordable battery.

Flux XII Off-Grid Reliability

Off-Grid Reliability

Increase the resilience of your microgrid with an affordable long-duration battery powered by sustainable materials. 



Energy Management

Need to integrate more solar and wind to meet your energy targets but need to do so economically? Use a low-cost, long-duration battery to optimize your assets.

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