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Meet the Team

Each Flux XII co-founder has in-lab research experience developing renewable energy materials and technologies. Now, they've set their sights beyond the lab to tackle your energy challenges!

Flux XII_Patrick_Sullivan.jpg

Patrick Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder & Co-inventor

Patrick is an Activate Fellow with a Chemistry PhD and Energy Analysis and Policy graduate certificate, brining disruptive innovation to energy markets.

Prof. Dawei Feng

Scientific Advisor

Co-founder & Co-inventor

With over 30+ publications for sustainable material design, Dawei is a Professor at UW-Madison's Materials Science & Engineering Department and a key Flux XII innovator.

Flux XII_Dawei.jpg
Dr. Xiuliang Lyu

Dr. Xiuliang Lyu

Chief Science Officer

Co-founder & Co-inventor

The Flux XII team has screened over 100 flow battery chemistries. This material synthesis and characterization is led by our organic chemistry expert, Xiuliang.

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