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Meet the Team

Each Flux XII co-founder has in-lab research experience developing renewable energy materials and technologies. Now, they've set their sights beyond the lab to tackle your energy challenges!

Flux XII_Patrick_Sullivan.jpg

Patrick Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer


Patrick is a materials chemistry PhD candidate with an Energy Analysis and Policy graduate certificate and over a year of lean-startup mentoring.

Prof. Dawei Feng

Chief Innovation Officer


With over 30+ publications for sustainable material design, Dawei is a Professor at UW-Madison's Materials Science & Engineering Department and the key Flux XII innovator.

Flux XII_Dawei.jpg
Dr. Xiuliang Lyu

Dr. Xiuliang Lyu

Chief Science Officer


The Flux XII team has screened over 100 flow battery chemistries. This material synthesis and characterization is led by our organic chemistry expert, Xiuliang.

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