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Flux XII Technology

With over 30+ combined years of in-lab research experience designing renewable energy materials and devices, the Flux XII co-founders have developed a safe, sustainable, and affordable flow battery chemistry to keep your renewable energy running!

Organic Redox Materials

The Flux XII team has developed proprietary flow battery chemistries with improved safety, lifetime, area footprint, energy efficiency, and cost. What are these materials made of? Carbon (C12). These organics are crafted from earth's most abundant elements and can be sustainably produced domestically. They are then dissolved in benign, pH neutral water to power Flux XII's flow battery system. No more mining or hectic supply chains when you grow your battery material at home!

Not only are these carbon-crafted energy solutions safe, sustainable, and low-cost, but they show enhanced energy density, chemical stability, and energy efficiency over any existing flow battery technology.


Ion-Exchange Membranes

Specially designed membranes are needed inside of all flow battery devices to prevent the positive (cathodic) and negative (anodic) chemicals from mixing. Membrane leakage lowers energy efficiency and lifetime, practically flowing your money down the drain!

 The Flux XII co-founders are developing novel, early-stage ion-exchange membranes to improve the performance of all flow battery devices. These highly conductive, selective, and robust membranes can eventually be produced at large-scale and low-cost.

Grid Flow Battery Systems

The Flux XII team is prototyping kW-scale flow battery systems for pilot deployment with their commercial partners. Check it out below!

Want to get the most out of your renewable assets? Contact us to learn how you can be an early demonstrator of this safe, sustainable, efficient, and affordable long-duration grid energy storage technology.

Flux XII Grid Flow Battery Systems

Behind the Scenes

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